about us

TrainMyNews (TMN) is a news discovery, aggregation and distribution service designed for email and voice channels and powered by Deep Learning (AI).  We created TMN to de-clutter our inboxes from tens of email newsletters every day that required a lot of time to go thru to find the information we were looking for.  TMN newsletters are topic-specific (whatever topic you want) and are "curated" (trained) by you and your AI agent that is working diligently every day to get to know you better and deliver the news you want.

Oh and another (very important) point.  You know all the news you DON'T want to get but they keep showing up in your inbox?  Say good bye to that because we will take out any news you don't want from your newsletters so they are cleaner for your consumption. Another time saving benefit we love and hope you do too.

TMN is a new service so please be patient and do talk to us, we love getting feedback from our patrons.  And if you do like what we do please share with friends.

And if you're a publication who wants to be included in our feed pls visit the Sources page to submit your information.  We can not promise we will include every publication but we will do our best to communicate and explain the reasoning either way.