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Combatting Fake News Requires Provenance And Information Literacy

2 months ago
Combatting <b>Fake News</b> Requires Provenance And Information Literacy

One of the greatest driving forces behind the rise of "Fake news" has been the digital age's increasing separation of information from its provenance. We no longer know where the information we consume came from or the context of its creation nor do we even appreciate why that loss is so devastating. As we are increasingly separated from the production of the information we consume, what does this suggest about the future of our trust in information? We no longer care where our information comes from or even if its right, we just want something now. In information science we talk about the reasons people consume and share information. Most importantly, we need to teach the public the importance of provenance and why it matters where a piece of information came from and the path it took to reach them. As our information consumption is increasingly recentralized to social media platforms, we have an ideal opportunity to reestablish provenance by having those platforms track where and when a given piece of information first entered their informational ecosystem, whether that entrance point was unusual and whether the trajectory of that information among those with connections to the event or location in question matches that of previous verfied information. Read more